T&T Salmon Charters Sooke BC
Fishing Report

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Sooke, BC
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Up dated 31 Oct 2009

Sooke has year around fishing. At different times, depending on what spices you wish, you can experience the thrill off a lifetime. From 1 pound rockcod to 40 pound salmon to 100 pound halibut, at the right time and right place they can be yours.
The following are approximate timings when you can expect the best fishing for each species;

Species Time of year Average Weight
Halibut March to mid-Dec 30 to 70 pounds
Rock cod Very limited at this time 1 to 3 pounds
Pink salmon Every odd year, 2001,2003,2005 from 1July to mid September 3 to 6 pounds.
Sockeye 1 July to mid August 5 to 10 pounds
Winter Springs First November to end
5 to 15 pounds
Chinook (Other names are springs, tyee,
May to mid September 10 to 50 poundsaverage weight 25
Coho [ silvers ] Usually 2 hatchery until 01 Oct and the 2 wild and 2 hatchery. Mid Sep to end Oct   

When you book a trip all equipment is supplied, the only extra cost is the fishing license which can be purchased on the boat. Coffee and soft drinks available at no charge and if required a special request can be filled.